Do You Currently Own a Tax Franchise?

Do you own a tax franchise?  In this video you will learn why Mosquito Mike may be just what you've been looking for.  How do I know?  Because I AM you.

I own a moderately successful season tax business with an emphasis on early season returns and slow steady growth.  It is a great business that kept me busy for the first few months of each year.

But, just like you, I found myself with 8 ½ months or so of time off.  I don’t know about you…but I can get myself in a lot of trouble with that much free time.

So, I went looking for other things to do to make a little money and keep myself busy.  The problem was…I had zero interest in bookkeeping, payroll or other tax related businesses that would keep me sitting behind the same desk I was clawing to get away from by mid-April.

Maybe you are struggling, as I did, to find a second business whose season lines up with the tax business you’ve worked so hard to build.

I’m happy to tell you…you have just found it.

There are really only 2 businesses that I am aware of that line up perfectly with the tax season.  Ice Cream…and Mosquito Control.  So unless you plan on buying a Cold Stone Creamery or something similar…. The mosquito business is the one for you.

Why you ask?  I’m going to give you a few reasons.


Reason #1:  You solve your budgeting issues yet you still keep a significant amount of time off.
You are currently busy from January to April…. Mosquito Season starts in April and ends in October.  Leaving you 2 full months off per year.  This strategy leaves you with 10 months per year of revenue rather than just 4.  No more scraping by at the end of the year counting the days until tax season starts again.
Now you may be thinking…I can’t go through the slow grind of building a business again.  Growing your tax office into a sustainable self-sufficient business most likely took years. I’m happy to report that the Mosquito Industry is NOTHING like the tax business. On that note, Let me present…
Reason #2:  Explosive Growth. 
Unlike taxes, which is a mature market that is bound to be disrupted at some point, Mosquito Control is thriving.  The industry as a whole grew at a 17% clip while Mosquito Mike locations doubled or better in each of the last 3 years.  Your business has the potential to scale quickly over just a few seasons.
Reason #3:  Tools. 
This isn’t the tax business...where they most likely charged you for a software and a name...and wished you luck. You will receive thorough training and guidance to help you become THE option in your market.
Reason #4:  Marketing. 
Unlike the tax business, you will not be left on your own or relying on a homeless guy in a costume.  We have a plan for your marketing that will make your phone ring.
Reason #5:  This is a fun business. 
No ties, stuffy shirts or clients complaining about tax refunds being a day later than they wanted.  You are getting rid of the most hated insects on the planet…and people will love you for it.
If this all sounds like a breath of fresh air to you…. click the become a franchisee button to start a conversation.  
I’ve been where you are…and I know your struggles.  If you want to change the trajectory of your financial life…All you have to do is reach out.  Before long, you may find yourself saying…For Bites You Don’t Like…Call Mosquito Mike.