Mosquito Mike vs Mosquito Squad



  Mosquito Mike

Mosquito Squad

Franchise Fee: $49,000


Royalties: 10%       10%
Territory Size: 35K homes with over $70K income 350K to 500K ppl (no income threshold )
Protected Territory: Yes


Territory Available: Yes


Local Advertising: greater of $35K or 10% of gross sales

greater of $35K or 10% of gross sales

National Advertising: 2% of gross sales

Flat monthly fee (increases yearly)

Inventory: Negotiated lowest rates

Must purchase product from franchisor

Initial Investment: $109,647 to $133,560

$62,962 to 90,022

Median Gross Revenue:

(locations after 3 complete seasons)



* 3 year term 2018-2020

** 3 year term 2017-2019 per FDD