Pros and Cons of owning a seasonal business

Owning a seasonal business is not for the faint of heart. There are many pros and cons. First here are some of the cons.

One Reason is...Seasonal Workers

Recruiting, hiring and training seasonal workers can be very taxing on a small business. However, If you are able to build a pipeline of temporary workers from the previous season, hiring will be more streamlined, less time consuming and cost efficient.

Another Reason is...Inconsistent Cashflow

You need to be prepared for month after month with limited revenue coming in during your offseason. This means you must be able to budget yourself with the large sums that may in your bank account. This is extremely important because it is very easy to fall into a mindset where you think you can buy anything you want…only to find yourself scraping by during the last weeks before the following spray season begins. If you don't trust yourself to stick to a budget...especially during the first year or two...You may be better off looking at other year-round franchise options.

My last argument against owning a seasonal business is...the Short Selling Season

You will find the majority of your new customers will sign up with you over a 4-month period. This means that you have to get your marketing right…there are no “do overs” …no “let's get them next month” in a seasonal business. why on earth would anyone want to own a seasonal business?

I’ll give you 3 solid reasons. 

Reason #1 Short Selling Season
The same thing that can be an argument against a seasonal also one of the biggest positives. With most of your new customers coming in over a relatively short time period…and Mosquito Mike taking care of your can focus on other aspects of your business that year-round operations never find time for because they are constantly chasing the sales you banked months ago. 
Reason #2 You will earn a year’s worth of revenue for only a half year or so of effort. 
Reason #3Time
You will have significant quality downtime to spend with your family, friends or whatever you want.  You may want to use your time to rekindle old hobbies or check out new ones.  You may decide to become more charitable by donating your time to the community.  The point is…a seasonal business gives you the one thing that you cannot buy.  Time.
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